Home Automation

Home Automation Enhances the Safety and Security of Your Home

Home automation gives you the power to unlock or lock doors, initiate or turn off the heat or air conditioning, and flip the switch on your lights from a distance. With simple programming, you can engage your systems from any wireless device

Reliably Manage Your Home Security System from Afar with Wireless Monitoring Capabilities

You can’t always be home, but wouldn’t it be nice if the house were ready for you or your guests when you got there? Home automation conveniently integrates your security, lighting, and heating systems so that you may safely manage your home environment from anywhere in the world with the touch of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Friends coming up for the weekend and you can’t get there until just before they arrive?  Adjust lighting, cooling, and heating based upon your needs, and remotely unlock your home and disarm your security system. Your house will look and feel like you’ve been waiting.

Home Automation Defrays Expenses through Energy Management and Possible Insurance Discounts

Having the ability to manage your home systems also gives you the advantage of efficiency. By lowering the temperature and lights at times when you don’t need them, you use fewer resources and can save as much as 20-35% on home energy costs. In addition, with home automation you may be eligible for home owners’ insurance discounts.