FLS Napco K Keypad

Napco Systems

Arm My System

Check the keypad.
The green STATUS light must be on in order to arm. If the green light is off, “FAULT” will display in the window followed by the number of each faulted zone. Note each problem zone and secure it by closing a window, door, etc. When all zones are secure, the green STATUS light will turn on and the window will display “READY”.

Bypass faulted zones.
If you cannot locate or repair the problem yourself, call for assistance. If you cannot get immediate help, bypass the problem zone(s) from the system by pressing BYPASS, then the zone number (or vice versa).
Note: Bypassed zones are unprotected. If armed with zones bypassed, be sure to have
the system checked as soon as possible.

2.  Arm the system.
Enter your code and press AWAY. The green STATUS light will go off, the red ARMED light will turn on and the window will alternately display “EXIT” and “XX SEC” (where “XX” represents the exit time remaining, in 10-second steps).
Note:  If you enter an invalid code, the keypad will display “Wrong Code”.

3.  Leave the premises.
Leave through the exit door before exit time expires.

Disarm My System

Disarming the System
1. Upon entry, the keypad sounder will turn on as a reminder to disarm the panel. The red ARMED light will be on and the window will alternately display “DISARM” and “XXXSEC”, where “XXX” represents the entry time remaining in 10-second steps. During the final 10 seconds, the sounder will pulse a warning signal.

2.  Enter your User Code and press ENTER or ON/OFF. The sounder will silence and the red ARMED light will go out, indicating that the system has been disarmed.
• If you enter an invalid code, the keypad display “Wrong Code” Re-enter your code immediately.


FLS Honeywell Keypad

Honeywell Systems

Arm My System

• To arm in AWAY mode: enter your security code + [2-AWAY]
• To arm in STAY mode: enter your 4-digit security code + [3-STAY]

Note: STAY mode will arm perimeter zones, such as protected windows and doors.


Disarm My System

• To DISARM the system: enter your security code + [1-OFF]

Note: Disarming the system twice will reset the system in the event on an alarm or past troubles.