• 24-Hour Home Security Monitoring by First Line Security

24-Hour Monitoring

First Line Security contracts its digital central station monitoring service with Home Security and Management Company (HSMC) http://www.hsmc-ul.com in Stowe, Vermont.  HSMC is the only UL certified monitoring service in the state, which means they have passed the stringent requirements demanded by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) for a central station.  We feel it is important to contract the monitoring service, so there is no conflict of interest between us, the installation and maintenance company and your monitoring service.   Each side has its own specific role in protecting your property and should remain separate.   HSMC is staffed by experts who, leveraging the latest technology in 24-hour monitoring, respond immediately and efficiently to an emergency.

24-hour Monitoring by Honest, Local, Experts

State-of-the-Art Technology, Trained Professionals, and a Quick Response System

When an alarm occurs, your security system uses your telephone lines to contact HSMC (other means of communications are available, if your phone is not working, or if you have no telephone line at the premises).  An operator will field your alarm call and will call back to the premises to verify the signal.  Once verified, fire, police, or emergency services are contacted for immediate dispatch. False alarms are filtered out by answering the operator’s verification call and providing them with a password or passcode.  You may also call HSMC to report the false alarm yourself by dialing 800-933-4762.  The  combination of First Line Security’s robust technology and the prompt and efficient service from HSMC helps to insure the safety of the people and investments that are most important to you.